Y-Luk-O release "Lipstick Lie" video single

Y-Luk-O release “Lipstick Lie” video single

German-American Industrial Act Y-Luk-O will release their next video single “Lipstick Lie” on Valentine’s Day 2017 (February 14). “Lipstick Lie” a powerful and subtile blend of Industrial, Electronic and Metal. The soundtrack and video alternative for Valentine’s Day for those, who are bored to watch 50 Shades of Grey in cinema. Alexis von Kirbach and […]

Beauty Queen Autopsy

Roughest Cuts- the demos by Beauty Queen Autopsy Beauty Queen Autopsy After years of occasional collaborations, cello-pop chanteuse Erica Mulkey (Unwoman) and industrial provocateur Matt Fanale (Caustic) have officially joined forces as the dark noisepop duo BEAUTY QUEEN AUTOPSY. Their first offering is ROUGHEST CUTS-THE DEMOS, with three original songs, as well as their take […]