Lollapalloza 2011 Santiago


Lollapalooza Chile 2011 – 2-3 ABRIL PARQUE O’HIGGINS

Dos jornadas históricas se vivirán los próximos 2 y 3 de abril en el Parque O’Higgins, cuando en cinco escenarios se presenten más de 50 shows. Aquí puedes bajar el mapa completo.

El visionario creador del Festival a nivel mundial, Perry Farrell, en conjunto con la productora chilena Lotus Producciones, WME y C3 Presents—los socios promotores detrás de la versión norteamericana de Lollapalooza, acaban de anunciar el cartel oficial para la primera edición del Festival LOLLAPALOOZA en Chile.

Los cabezas de cartel The Killers, Jane´s Addiction, Kanye West y Yeah Yeah Yeahs lideran la lista de artistas que también incluye a 30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones, Fatboy Slim, Cypress Hill, The Flaming Lips, Devendra Banhart y muchos otros que se presentarán en el que promete ser uno de los mayores festivales de música realizados en nuestro país.

Por cerca de 20 años, es el festival de música alternativa más importante y ahora Lollapalooza se está expandiendo con este evento único e inolvidable, ofreciendo un cartel ecléctico que reúne a los mayores talentos del mundo, incluyendo una base de artistas locales. Lollapalooza Chile contará con:

– Dos escenarios principales al aire libre
– Una arena electrónica
– Un escenario alternativo más pequeño
– Un escenario familiar: Kidzapalooza, que entretendrá a personas de todas las edades.

Venta de entradas

Los tickets están a la venta a través del sistema Puntoticket (Ripley y Cinemark) y hay distintos paquetes de viaje para personas que vienen del extranjero en Carlson Wagonlit:

Es importante señalar que no hay cancha vip. El sector VIP es la zona marcada en el mapa que tiene un sector más cómodo, más áreas verdes, pantallas de televisión para ver lo que pasa en cada escenario y dos plataforma en altura con vista panorámica del parque y los escenarios principales.
No hay entradas VIP para estar más cerca de los escenarios.

Entrada General: Pases de 2 días

Preventa 1: $ 55.000 (Las primeras 10 mil)
Preventa 2: $ 68.000 (Las primeras 10 mil)
Entrada General: $ 76.000 (20 mil en adelante)
*Valores no incluyen cargos por servicios.

Lolla Lounge: Pases de 2 días VIP

Preventa VIP 2 días: $ 160.000 (Las primeras mil entradas)
VIP 2 días: $ 190.000
*Valores no incluyen cargos por servicios.

Entrada General, Pases diarios
Disponibles desde el 11 de febrero

Preventa: $ 36.000 (Las primeras 10 mil)
Entrada General 1 día: $ 42.000
*Valores no incluyen cargos por servicios.

Lolla Lounge Pases diarios VIP
VIP diarios: $ 120.000
*Valores no incluyen cargos por servicios.

El cartel completo de LOLLAPALOOZA CHILE es el siguiente:

Sábado 2 de abril

Coca-Cola Stage
The Killers / 21:00 a 23:00 horas
Yeah Yeah Yeas / 18:30 a 19:30 horas
The National / 16:30 a 17:30 horas
James / 14:30 a 15:30 horas
Los Bunkers / 12:30 a 13:30 horas

Claro Stage
Deftones / 19:30 a 21:00 horas
Ben Harper / 17:30 a 18:30 horas
Cypress Hill / 15:30 a 16:30 horas
Steel Pulse / 13:30 a 14:30 horas
Francisca Valenzuela / 12:00 a 12:30 horas

Tech Stage
Cansei de ser Sexy / 20:00 a 21:00 horas
Datarock / 18:30 a 19:30 horas
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros / 17:00 a 18:00 horas
Bomba Stereo / 15:30 a 16:30 horas
Ana Tijoux / 14:15 a 15:00 horas
Denver / 13:30 a 14:00 horas
Astro / 12:45 a 13:15 horas
Devil Presley / 12:00 a 12:30 horas

LG Stage
Fatboy Slim / 21:15 a 22:45 horas
Empire of the Sun / 20:00 a 20:55 horas
Joachim Garraud / 18:15 a 19:30 horas
Perryetty Vs. Chris Cox / 16:45 a 18:00 horas
Zeta Bosio / 15:45 a 16:30 horas
Latin Bitman / 14:45 a 15:30 horas
Dj Raff / 13:45 a 14:30 horas
New Kids on the Noise / 12:45 a 13:30 horas
Ital / 12:00 a 12:30 horas

Achu / 18:45 a 19:30 horas
Los Pulentos / 16:45 a 17:30 horas
TBD / 14:45 a 15:30 horas
Magic Twins / 12:45 a 13:30 horas

Domingo 3 de abril

Coca-Cola Stage
Kanye West / 21:00 a 23:00 horas
30 Seconds to Mars / 18:30 a 19:30 horas
The Flaming Lips / 16:30 a 17:30 horas
311 / 14:30 a 15:30 horas
Mala Rodríguez / 12:30 a 13:30 horas

Claro Stage
Jane´s Addiction / 19:30 a 21:00 horas
Sublime with Rome / 17:30 a 18:30 horas
Chico Trujillo / 15:30 a 16:30 horas
Todos tus Muertos / 13:30 a 14:30 horas
Quique Neira / 12:00 a 12:30 horas

Tech Stage
Cold War Kids / 20:00 a 21:00 horas
The Drums / 18:30 a 19:30 horas
Cat Power / 17:00 a 18:30 horas
Devendra Banhart / 15:30 a 16:30 horas
Fother Muckers / 14:15 a 15:00 horas
The Ganjas / 13:30 a 14:00 horas
Como Asesinar a Felipes / 12:45 a 13:15 horas
Mundano / 12:00 a 12:30 horas

LG Stage
Armin Van Buuren / 20:30 a 22:30 horas
Boys Noize / 18:45 a 20:00 horas
Fisherspooner / 17:15 a 18:15 horas
Ghostland Observatory / 15:45 a 16:45 horas
Toy Selectah / 14:15 a 15:15 horas
Javiera Mena / 13:15 a 14:00 horas
Matanza / 12:15 a 13:00 horas

Los Pulentos / 18:45 a 19:30 horas
Achu + Plumabits / 16:30 a 17:30 horas
Fractal + Joe Vasconcellos / 14:45 a 15:30 horas
Cuchara / 12:45 a 13:30 horas

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  • Wani

    (abril 3, 2012 - 5:55 pm)

    eso de que en latinoame9rica somos adoianms en los conciertos y hasta medios locos se lo he escuchado a ene vocalistas en medio de conciertos, y despue9s de ver dvds se nota una gran diferencia entre nosotros y muchas otras partes del mundo. bakan que seamos conocidos por eso, porque a1lo merecemos!

  • SemMais

    (abril 4, 2012 - 4:22 am)

    Bienvenido a este lado del charco, y si nos vtsiias? , digo, despues de 9 hrs 2:30 o 3 ya es nada, ademas ace1 ya empieza a hacer calorcito y se puede uno meter a la playita!===bfPlaya? yujuuuuu yo creo que si.. por que ace1 hace un frio de noseasmamiun ja bueno no tanto

  • Benjapon

    (abril 4, 2012 - 5:57 am)

    HI Liz, Be sure to check that link because it has very ipscefic procedures for the bus as well, and might be helpful for your school to see it. John walks to school so we don’t have that issue. But we did face it in when he was in preschool and took a bus to school. It was really difficult to get a procedure in place about not allowing food, and allowing John to carry his epi in his backpack. But we eventually got there. And now I think a lot schools follow this protocol. Thank you to EVERYONE your support is so encouraging and we are all in this together! Truly grateful! xoxox

  • Jildo

    (abril 4, 2012 - 12:00 pm)

    Oh my pass the TISSUES please! I love this! How great that they are set-up in such at high ploifre event too! We had a similar experience at our county fair last year. Both of my FA sons were able to enjoy french fries from the one vendor there. All they had in their trailer was potatoes, soybean oil, salt and soda They even let me go inside to take a look around! They boys REALLY thought it was great, as did Mom and Dad!!!

  • Blanca

    (abril 4, 2012 - 5:13 pm)

    I’m profoundly thucoed by all these incredible comments, because once again, all you food allergy mama’s get how important that was for us. I truly wish the same for each and every one of your FA children. And Mary, thank YOU for creating a company and product that truly changes lives. We are forever grateful. Thank you all, it just means so much. xoxo

  • Jajng

    (abril 4, 2012 - 8:13 pm)

    Gosh, I got behind in ieadrng. I am glad you are resoluting to call your Grandma more. I wish I had called mine more when I could. I do make a point to call my Godmother, who is 91. Being realistic, I know she won’t be around for too many more years. I got to see her this past weekend, while I was at the funeral of my 18yo cousin, who died from cancer. Yep, just 18. You never how long you will have someone around. My Godmother looked good, and it was nice to spend time with her, and other extended family members, even though the reason why was truly tragic.

  • Nobuko

    (abril 4, 2012 - 8:34 pm)

    Sweet! It’s good to hear that there were some positive tdtituaes on board about the almost-bad situation. Glad no one was mean to the crew member who lost their passport. You know he/she felt awful about it. Always good to stay happy & sane when you’re cooped up in a confined space for so long! It’s for SUCH a good cause. Man, you guys put on a great show. I hope you ALWAYS rock out like that.. forever. John Anderson’s solos are killer. I used to beg my guitarist to pull that kind of thing on stage (like he did at rehearsal) but he always got cold feet. I really wasn’t expecting anything as mind blowing as the performance you guys gave. And you are officially 1 of only 3 of my favorite bass players of all time. Love your melodic style. You’re up there with Colin Greenwood & my old bass player, Chrissy Griffen. I love it when everyone is playing the progression while the bass carries its own beautiful melody that compliments every piece of the music. You, my lady friend, are a genius!

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